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runZero partners with Abira Security

(updated ), by Taryn Murphy

runZero partners with Abira Security, a full service cybersecurity advisor and managed services provider.

runZero is excited to announce our partnership with Abira Security, a market-leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. As part of this partnership, Abira will be offering runZero as a solution to solve the challenges of cyber asset attack surface management. runZero’s cyber asset inventory and discovery capabilities are the key to delivering a complete security package.

At runZero, we believe network visibility and asset inventory is a foundational part of maintaining a strong security posture. Abira offers a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, paired with exceptional strategy expertise and real-world experience. Partnering with Abira Security allows runZero to expand and reach more organizations that are searching for a complete security strategy that includes deep network visibility and comprehensive asset inventory.

Eric Goldstein, Director of Channel at runZero, says, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Abira Security to deliver cyber asset attack surface management to our joint customers. A comprehensive asset inventory is essential for any security program and is often the very first step in a security assessment. Together with runZero, Abira will help customers achieve their security goals and maximize their security tech stack value.”

“Abira is a pure play cybersecurity services firm and a true VAR. Our quality, flexibility, and cost structure is hard to beat,” says Ray Harrison, Sales Director at Abira Security.

Organizations today face ever-increasing cyber threats that can compromise their sensitive data and operations. The first step in securing any network is developing a complete asset inventory that accounts for all devices: managed or unmanaged; IT, OT, or IoT; cloud, on-prem, or remote. Combining runZero’s asset inventory capabilities and Abira’s cybersecurity expertise, customers have the benefit of an end-to-end solution that helps them identify, secure, and manage all of their assets, no matter where they exist, safely and effectively.

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runZero is a cyber asset attack surface management solution that delivers full cyber asset inventory–quickly, easily, and safely. The solution enriches existing IT & security infrastructure data–from vuln scanners, EDRs, and cloud service providers–with detailed asset and network data from a purpose-built unauthenticated active scanner. No credentials required. Just deploy an Explorer and start scanning.

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Taryn Murphy
Written by Taryn Murphy

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